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Proposed: Bristol Hotel Renovation

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The worst building on the block being renovated is always a good thing for the area. It is this kind of work that needs to happen all over this city, state and quite honestly this country to make our urban streets more welcoming and put older historic buildin back to work with street level retail and housing above.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Downtown has numerous vacant buildings, but in recent years, few have been more troubling than the Bristol Hotel, a shuttered low-income residential complex on Eighth Street. Now, in what can be classified as a pleasant shock, the dilapidated property has been sold and plans have been announced to upgrade it. New inhabitants could arrive by the end of the year.

Frankly, given the economy, we expected it to remain empty. Now, there is a plan not only to activate the structure, but also to bring a new restaurant to the ground floor. That

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