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PROPOSED: San Francisco SWL 337


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Status Update 5/12/09

"The massive project to remake Seawall Lot 337 (a.k.a. "Mission Rock," a.k.a. "Mission: Rock"), the nine-football-field-sized block of empty-ish land just south of AT&T Park, is likely to get downsized from original plans. The Port, which first forecast an annual harvest of $10.2 million from renting out all that land, has been "whittled down to approximately $6.5 million." What's more, the amount of proposed retail space has been more than halved. No word on why exactly the megaproject's been downsized, besides "the times are tough," as the four-phase project as a whole is set to take a whopping 17 years to complete anyway. Work starts in 2013, but the grand waterfront park won't get dirt in shovel for 'nearly a decade.'"

[source: SF Curbed]




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