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Im a flight sim (combat and not) fan and i got the new PC game by Ubisoft, Tom Clancys H.A.W.X for the PC.

Its a great game with a facinating story that just got better :)

I had just finished a mission and learned were i.. well here is the video of the briefing. I found it on YouTube.

The Games story is set in 2021.

In a short break in combat i got a look at downtown(yup its in there) And i saw some familiar buildings as well as some that looked like they were 40 or 50 floors+ You can see part of downtown at 48 seconds in the video.

I had to protect a huge column of tanks going up 64 and 264 to the base after i disabled the air defense system =D No traffic then!!

It was an intense mission too, war all over our region.

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Here are some screenshots from when i went into free flight mode.

They made scope 3d but they didn't do harbor park 3d, you can still see harbor park tho (the ground is satilite image)

lol look at the map, the peninsula was done wierd i dont think they wanted to take the time to do the rest of the land so they just made it water

The Oceanfront!

Couldent do %7Boption%7D casue they are dynamic.

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those pictures are great.. buildings look to be about 55-60 floor high if you ask me..

i wish norfolk would look that in 2021..

and they tore down macarthur and built high rises!

&& also one of those buildings looks like 1000 feet.

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Acually if you look at the last of the norfolk pictures you can see MaCarthur, just the designers put highrises on top of it, they prolly didn't nootice or care enough to see that it was a mall :P

The Mission after this misson was in the appalachian mountains in virgnia!!

better picture, you can see the rotunda! lol

ok guys! lets come up with a name for this tall building! who owns it and come draw a better design if you want to

the radison is still around in 21! no name tho :P

another shot of the tall one

what not to do at craney island


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