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Bato nRouge/Louisiana Politics

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Buckett asked for it and here it is. :D A thread for ya'll to discuss political happenning and such.

Edit: Oops, I'll get Nate to correct the title. I don't want people to think Louisiana education is any worse than it is. :lol:

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I for one am very happy that we could actually discuss politics instead of the "who is in jail now" talk that's been a part of Louisiana's history until fairly recently.

Either way you look at it, our image is improving. To me, the party doesn't matter as much as the "cleanliness" of the candidate and their background, and I'm glad to say that with term limits and a younger voting base, our political leaders are starting to look a little younger, and a little brighter. In some cases, downright geeky (you know what I'm talking about!), and I'd rather a nerd than the backwards or corrupt folks from our past.

I like that I can support one candidate for President, a different party for Governor, and yet another party for Mayor. This is why I love America....One can vote for Obama, but think that a republican governor is the way to go, and a more liberal mayor is better at certain times in history. I think Louisiana is more real these days, with many people crossing party lines....with that in mind, we are way ahead of the curve.

I'm proud, and all of you should be too. I can say that I support Holden and Jindal provided they don't do anything stupid, and I like to think they are bright enough to keep from giving us a bad name. I'm sold on Holden's "go get em" attitude, his plans for traffic and sewer remediation, and I think that right now, Baton Rouge's taxes are low enough to support a candidate who is willing to spend money on infrastructure and police protection and not afraid to seek support for a tax. I am a Jindal supporter even though he takes some positions that I don't agree with...he had me with his handling of Gustav and his anti-corruption stance...and I like the fact that he's from Baton Rouge.

I'd just like to encourage everyone to be practical in their expectations, and I think that we'll start to see a big shift in power from the old machines to the younger, less "connected" and better educated people.

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