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The City Council approved plans for a 40 acre housing development for west Fayetteville. Apparently the development went forward before but was rejected. So the development was changed up quite a bit. Originally the development had 9% green space. Now it has 47% green space. The original plans for 180 homes was scaled back and the homes themselves reduced in size as well. Sounds like some mixed use development could be included. The new design also includes some community gardens, a 2.5 acre city park in the center, an orchard and walking trails. I'm not positive the exact location in west Fayetteville. But it sounds like it will be south and east of Double Springs Rd and Dot Tipton Rd. Perhaps some land directly west of Milsaps Mtn?

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Looks like this development is moving forward. Although I'm still trying to figure out the name. I had originally put Amberside Place and someone sent me a message saying that was incorrect. But it looks like the newspapers are still calling it that. :)


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