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Industrial Hemp Bill Introduced

John E

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With strong discussion on the subject of ending the drug war, I thought I would let people know that Congressman Ron Paul from Texas has introduced a bill (again) to legalize the growth of industrial hemp.


Oh it's okay to import hemp products but it's not okay to grow it here? What sense does this make? I have been eating hemp seeds imported from Canada for about a year now. I no longer have a need for a couple handfuls of supplements and my health has improved. The benefits of the super food, hemp is remarkable. I have even been growing new hair on my head. How much of a stimulus would it be if American farmers where allowed to grow hemp? Who would figure that a stimulus wouldn't cost the tax payers a red cent! For those that don't know hemp is a different plant than marijuana. It grows to like 8 or 10 feet tall. I for one, hope this bill passes. How about you?~John

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