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Charlotte in Photos!


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Casey (my wife) and I spent the Easter weekend down in Charlotte, NC. Never been there and wanted to experience the place for myself. I must say, the citizens we encountered were really nice! They made us feel very welcomed. And all, well almost all of them, wondered why we were in Charlotte instead of hanging out back home in Nashville. Nevertheless, I am in the process of editing all my shots (and there is a BUNCH). We did a bike tour of downtown and was able to sample local cuisine and all. Really had a good time and was very surprised by how built up the city has become in the last few years. On the negative side though, there are a number of projects that work has stopped dead still on. A few are high-rise structures. Makes for a very interesting skyline. Anyways, here are some of the shots we have thus far....

All can be viewed in their updated glory on my "Flickr" site here: www.flickr.com/photos/perspectivephotography









Like I said, there are plenty more to come! So enjoy these and check back later for more.

Let me say this to all of you that are residents of Charlotte, you have a very nice city. One that I could easily see myself living in at some point. It's gorgeous, the people are nice, and the weather was great. You have every right to be proud! Plus, you have great pizza at "Fuel"!!! :thumbsup:

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Michael, these are stunning photos, worthy of any publication. I would like to comment on a quote you made on your flickr page from this photo. "the economy has caused a number of high-rises already under construction in Uptown Charlotte to be put on hold. Meaning, no work has restarted on these half-built skyscrapers."

That's not entirely correct. True, a number of "proposed" projects in uptown have been put on hold, but every building you saw with a crane overhead is still progressing on a daily basis. The cranes you see in this photo are still moving upward. The Vue condo tower on the left will top out at 51 stories and the Duke Energy tower on the right is nearing completion at around 50 stories.

The only building I would consider "half-built" that has been delayed due to legalities (not by the economy) would be The Park condo tower. It's basically a 21 story shell with no skin. You may have noticed that building over by the new Nascar HoF currently under construction.

In fact, the ground breaking for a new 12 story UNCC building in uptown is tomorrow.

I absolutely LOVE your photography regardless! Come back more often!

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