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HAPPY 4th OF JULY to our American forumers and welcome everyone to the all new Pic of the Day. Feel free to add one or a group of like images of your own creation, (yes, we can have multiple pics in one day) but please try and keep it to ones that you took and are interesting in some way.

Also please keep them to a reasonable size and compress them for extra 56k friendliness. ;)

Alrighty then...Here's a ubiquitous Boston pic of three centuries of buildings, most notably the 1713 Old StateHouse, scene of the Boston Massacre.


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^Shoot i wish it was still that cheap on the westside! Anything below $2 out west is pretty much non-existent right now! :(

I have no clue what gas prices are here. I don't see any gas stations in my daily travels. Kinda nice that.

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^are you a public transport kind of guy? I am i sold my car before moving here feels weird though cause i havent driven in months hehe but dont have to pay for gas, insurance, and stuff :D i pretty much walk everywhere cause i live in the central part of the city so im close to everything or ill catch the bus or wave for a cab! :P

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