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It's about time I started posting some pictures here. Anyways, here's one of my old hometown of Cleveland, OH. Downtown Cleveland is continueing to improve, w/ some more condo's getting built. This is one of the best views of DT in my opinion. Enjoy.


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You know, I didn't notice while I was up there, but those two upper floors of Westin I are badly underutilized. Wasted balconies on what should be penthouse unit condos, that's a crime.

They should probably have been condos from day 1 -- and could still probably be converted, I guess, if the developer wanted to up his profits a little bit more. :whistling:

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My mom sent me this picture earlier today. This shows why I moved out of Ohio. Even though her dog is enjoying the 20" of Lake Effect snow, I sure as heck wouldn't enjoy it in APRIL.


This is their backyard in Pepper Pike, OH, about 20 miles east of downtown Cleveland. It makes my earlier pics of Maui look even more inviting, doesn't it? :thumbsup:

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Ohio is getting hit hard thi week. :dontknow:

Yes it is. They got another several inches of snow today. Too bad it isn't mountainous b/c if it was, ski resorts would love it in the downwind sides of those Great Lakes.

I think I heard the UP of Michigan got 5' of snow this week. Again, this is APRIL. Did the seasons somehow get mixed up?

For the 4th straight day, the Tribe had their games w/ Seattle postponed. That is just crazy.


Another pic of the crazy lake effect snow. Does anyone in their right mind actually want to live in a place like this? I know 20 yrs was enough of it for me.

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Yeah, the midwest in general isn't bad, you just have to stay away from the southeast sides of the lakes. Unfortunately, Cleveland and it's eastern suburbs are lined up to take some pretty good poundings from Lake Effect Snow though. Chicago, Milwaukee, & Detroit are all on the wrong side of the lakes to experiance it though. S. Bend, IN and Buffalo, NY of course get hit just as bad and sometimes worse than Cleveland, but not during this go around. 2' in April is crazy no matter where your at though.

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