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Possible Trip to NO in June


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Well, everyone, I finally may get a chance to come visit New Orleans this summer for a couple of nights. My Dad's going down for his high school reunion in Pascagoula this June, and we've tentatively scheduled a couple of days in New Orleans.

Is there anything we should definitely do?

Of course, everything's not set in stone yet, so we may end up not being to come, hence the word possible in the title.

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Hey IC! Did not feel qualified to give advice since I am not from here; but about 75 miles to the NW in BR + have not had chance to visit NOLA a while...this forum is fairly dormant so I'll do my best!

They have an aquarium in Atlanta; so I'm not sure if Aquarium of the Americas is worth it?? The RiverWalk or IMAX might be cool to check-out...The new Insectarium just opened?? Canal Street is a great urban corridor with the street-car and palm trees lining the way; The National D-Day Museum; Historic French Quarter/Jackson Square/Cafe DuMonde just to name a few; there is no shortage of good eating too! The Theatre District is cool; not sure which are open?? I always have enjoyed Audubon Zoo/Park...

Please someone from around here feel free to add to this!

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Thanks Richy! I'm definitely looking forward to eating some good Creole food while I'm down there. The D-Day museum sounds interesting as well. I'm certainly looking forward to some great historical experiences in the French Quarter as well.

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Well, I had a great time while I was in New Orleans. The French Quarter and Bourbon Street were amazing, as was the Garden District. I also got a chance to drive out and see the Lower Ninth Ward. It's great to see progress is being made there, but the level of destruction wrought by Katrina is incredible.

I also got a chance to take a short river cruise. That was fun, as well.

I'm looking forward to coming back someday.

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I am coming to NO in March12-15, 2010, and I am psyched! Cant believe the sheraton, W, and westins are all booked that weekend! Anyone have any suggestions of good restaraunt (affordable), bars (good specials and music), or spots to hang in the French Quarter? Thanks in advance.

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