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N_Maestro Atlanta Panoramas

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Hey guys!

Well I've been back living here in the ATL for a few a few months now and I'd figure I'd share what I've been up to.

... Well I've mostly been working my butt off and re-connecting with my friends here but I've been scouting for some good vantage points here and there. Problem is that Atlanta is relatively flat and there is a law here that prohibits cutting down trees that don't need to be -which I love but it makes finding a clear path of sight really hard. When you do find a good spot though, it usually turns out to be really good and I found one today :thumbsup: . As far as I know, this is one of the very very few areas in the entire metro area where you can see Dunwoody, Buckhead, and downtown all from the same spot (the only othe place I know of where you can do that is Stone Mountain but that costs money *psh*). For those of you familiar with the area, these were taken from the Vinings area on Cumberland Blvd. They're large too.

Edit- original links got deleted. Check out post # 5 for working links.

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Yeah my online storage client totally just deleted everything I had uploaded to it which included these pictures. Uagh!

Here they are from photobucket:

Atlanta & Buckhead here

Atlanta & Buckhead (night) here

Atlanta, Buckhead, & Dunwoody with lables here

Atlanta, Buckhead, & Dunwoody without lables here

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Yes, we love our tree canopy, but it does nothing at all to clean up Atlanta's filthy air. During smog season that starts in April, we usually have Code Yellows, then in May Code Oranges, but by June, July, and August it is Code Red almost every day of the week. Glad it was a clear day or maybe in the morning before the smog settled in to get such great shots of 4 out of 6 of our business districts. Nice Job! :thumbsup:

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