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Questions and opinions about why columbuses projects and developments are so slow and way behind the other 2nd tier cities its size in georgia

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Questions and opionions about why columbus seems smaller and way behind on projects and developments compared to the other 2nd tier cities its size in georgia like macon savvanah and augusta.Well I just recently come back from a trip to macon georgia and I was really impressed with the city macon there city really seems alot bigger and nicier than columbus.And also while driving around the city macon you would just not believe all the construction there doing there and all the projects and developments they have going on there in macon the city macon is growing like crazy they have alot more projects and developments going on than columbus has going on. And also columbus is nothing compared to the projects and developments macon has going on. and also while driving around macon I decided to go downtown and check macons downtown out you just would not believe how big there downtown is I was like what now this is wierd how they have a bigger downtown than columbus has.Downtown macon also has alot more taller buildings downtown to than columbus has downtown and downtown macon has a way better downtown skyline to. And also macon has more traffic and more fast traffic then columbus has also. So my questions and opionions are why is columbus so smaller and behind on projects and developements compared to the other cities its size in georgia like macon savvanah and augusta.Columbus just looks horrible and awful compared to what the other cities in georgia its size are doing to there cities.

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