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Thats a damn impressive project.

Richmond is so damn industrial I guess you have to go big with a residential project in order to create a critical mass of housing or create a feel or vive.

the location is good, but also has a ton of obsticles. This development does almost nothing to integrate with the residential community immediately next to it on the West. While this is not a big deal I think it is a bad idea because that community includes richmond Marina bay, and people love having access to boats.

The two Highways to the East are both an asset and a problem, but I suppose you have to get here somehow.

I wish there was a better transit connection for a development of this scale. it seems it only really has Highway access. The Bart station closest is El Cerrito Del Norte and there is no easy drive to the station it appears.

There a bunch of distribution centers/warehouses near by as well.

This project could change the entire area to be honest. but I am not so sure I would want to be one of the first to move in. I would like to be sure it was well recived before I plunked down any duckets.

the view should be pretty damn good however on a fog free day.

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