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PROPOSED: Sycamore Downtown Northside

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I found the cities request for bids that ended 04/22/2009

The last 3 pages have some renderings/site plans.


The development is essentially two blocks of mixed use buildings across the street from existing "main street" buildings. behind the mixed use structures is a row of what appers to be townhomes.

The mixed use buildings have 1 floor of underground parking 1 floor retail and 3 floors of residential above.

EDIT here is what you all want!!!


The project consists of three distinct components: a for-sale residential component (47 units), a rental residential component (49 units), and a retail component (approximately 40,000 square feet), contained within two contiguous buildings that are joined at the center of the site by a plaza and tower. The residential components are located on the 2nd through 4th floors and the retail is at the ground floor. The retail component also includes parking on a set of "ramps" along the north side of the building, sloping downwards from the two ends of the site (Tsushima to the west, and South Front to the east). The residential components share an underground parking garage located directly under the buildings, with a single entry/exit accessed at the base of the ramps.

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