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Swine Flu reaction in Charlotte


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Out of curiosity, I searched for face masks online from local Walgreens and CVS stores in town. They are sold out. Not surprising and the jury is definitely out on whether masks provide a real level of protection aside from mental peace of mind. I do think local and national authorities have toed the right line urging concern without inciting widespread panic. The conventional flu continues to kill more people combined. It's really a great unknown. The strain could fizzle out or this could only be the opening wave and virulence could increase. It's puzzling that the death rate is so much higher in Mexico. Some theories have included pollution or lower standard of medical care as contributing factors. NC is getting it's federal allotment of masks and meds this week. I am sure CMS is on high alert.

Personally, I am washing my hands more often, trying to keep a reasonable zone of personal space around me and going on with life. Not much else one can do.

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Yeah, allergies are starting to kick my behind now, no swine flu needed. I don't want to treat this lightly, but the fact that there's only been one death here in the U.S.--and that fatality was a child from Mexico in Texas--doesn't have me worried very much. I wonder if this is due to the fact that immunizations/vaccinations are pretty much standard here in the States, whereas they might not be in Mexico.

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The masks don't protect the wearer from the flu. The purpose for the masks is for an infected person to wear them so when they sneeze or have other "drips" and "drools", their pestilence is contained behind the mask and doesn't spread to others. Unfortunately the media here has gotten it backwards and unfortunately the culture in the USA doesn't really lend itself for this being an effective solution.

Your best bet, as mentioned above is to wash your hands a lot, don't share keyboards or telephones at work or school, (or take some wipes for them), don't shake hands, and stay home if you do get sick.


..... I wonder if this is due to the fact that immunizations/vaccinations are pretty much standard here in the States, whereas they might not be in Mexico.
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The CEO of our company sent out a email letter to all employees outlining our 'pandemic' plan and what we should do concerning the swine flu outbreak. Highlights were:

  • Please refrain from travel to areas where there are reported outbreaks (hmmm, we have customers in SC and KY, that could be interesting.)

  • Do not come in to work if you are running a fever or have any kind of flu like symptoms.

  • Wash your hands regularly, and cover your coughs/sneezes with a tissues.

  • Stay away from those who are sick.

  • Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

So nothing 'earth-shattering' there. If conditions change, our company's pandemic 'expert' will advise our CEO of any needed changes in business practice.

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This flu thing is a huge over reaction, just because it is a strain not seen before, the flu strain is different to some degree every season. The one person to die from it in the US was actually from Mexico, he had crossed the border into Texas.

A lot of the kids who first contracted it up in NY recovered without any medication. It gives the media a good story to cover though. I'm going to Mexico in a couple weeks and am not too worried about it, as it is mostly around Mexico City where the huge problem was. I will be mad if they start banning travel, which I don't think they will.

So if someone sneezes at you, punch those booger viruses in the face, or just do what your mama told you and wash you hands and you'll be fine.

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