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New VA Hospital for Columbus Area?


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In the past 2 months there has been 2 big pushes to bring a Va hospital to this area. A Alabama senator has recommended turning the former Cobb{Phenix Regional} hospital site. The other is the old Baker middle school site on Victory drive. I think that it is long overdue for this area being this area is home to so much retired military personal. It makes perfect sense to be in Columbus rather than Tuskegee or Montomery an hour away

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I agree, it would make so much more sense to have a new VA hospital in Columbus/Phenix City. Heck, for the right price they could probably buy the new Hospital in Phenix City and the land around it to develop a new regional campus.

The VA facilities in Tuskegee are difficult to find for new comers, spread out among a rag tag collection of buildings, many not adequately accessible to those with limited mobility, poorly marked, and must waste a fortune in operating cost that should go to patient care.

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