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Disgusting lake at Park Rd Park


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As you can plainly see from the photos below, the Park Road Park Lake Environs project has been stalled going on 2 years now.

According to the Meck County Park & Recs website, this project was initially authorized as a lake dredging improvement and dam repair project. City of Charlotte Stormwater Services came on board as a partner and allocated funds to improve water quality in the creek flowing into the lake and the lake itself. Design problems, scope and staffing changes have unfortunately delayed this project.

I recently contacted David Nelson, the Meck County Parks & Rec South Region Planner, to ask him for an update on the stalled project. He said "Park & Rec is holding a bid opening for the construction of the dam

improvements Thursday (April 30). Over the past several months, we have been finalizing scope and exploring funding opportunities to complete the project and restore the lake. If acceptable bids are received, construction should start within the next 90 days. The construction duration is anticipated to be 9 months. By the time next year, we hope to have the dam repaired and the lake completely restored.

In the meantime, parkgoers have this to look at.




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This is totally unacceptable, however, I suppose the people to blame for letting this go on this long are the residents of this area and the frequent users of this park. Are there no squeaky wheels in the area or does Charlotte just not have that activist mentality?

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