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Ellohay! is a non-profit in West Michigan with the following mission:

ellohay! West Michigan is dedicated to making positive differences in the lives of under-served individuals within the West Michigan area through healthy, sustainable, meaningful, connections with technology.

Looking at their website, they have a nice little "Chip In" widget that allows you to donate any amount to their cause. If you are at all interested please visit:


and donate whatever you can. This is partly an experiment to see if people using social media (this site included) really make a difference, or just talk the talk. FYI- I have no affiliation with Ellohay!, just like what they are doing (and it's a clever name ;)). At noon today it was at $70. How high can we get it? Spread the word (and 'wealth').


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I think they could do a better job on their website explaining who they are, who they partner with, the recipients of their giving, etc..

I believe there's going to be some coverage of them in the local media here soon. :whistling:

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