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Public Outreach: New website put out by MSU, CEDP, and The Corridor Improvement Authority

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So it's been forever and i'm apologizing if this is a shameless plug, but I just got out of a presentation unveiling this website:

And it left me pretty excited! It's a site full (or getting there) of user-generated content talking specifically about the Michigan Avenue corridor from Lansing to East Lansing. This geographic area roughly covers the same area as the soon-to-be formed corridor improvement authority, so once this site gets all of its bugs worked out I hope the CIA (corridor improvement authority) plugs into this.

:offtopic: I'm sure most of you guys are in my boat when it comes to public comment: I'm sick of giving McComment - sticking those little green dots and orange dots to a map really don't get the point across. I hope this little innovation gets noticed and goes somewhere, it's a great idea!

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