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PROPOSED: Mohegan Sun Casino


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The Mohegans have opened up a field office in Palmer in anticipation of MA legalizing gambling. I'm not really of any opinion on this. I guess if MA wants gambling it might as well be one of our CT operators running it.

Hartford Courant


Mohegans Open Marketing Office In Palmer, Mass.

By ERIC GERSHON {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} The Hartford Courant

May 19, 2009

Mohegan Sun just expanded its turf in western Massachusetts

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Hartford Courant

The Mohegan Sun's prospects for opening a casino in Massachusetts improved this week as chief rival Foxwoods Resort Casino sought to keep a development in Pennsylvania from collapsing.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives voted Wednesday to legalize resort casinos and slot machines, a step that could pay off for Connecticut's Mohegan tribe.

The Mohegan Sun's owners have planned a casino for western Massachusetts, while Foxwoods focused on a Philadelphia project that recently lost a new investor who had been expected to save it.

Looks like this is getting pretty close to happening.

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I just wanted to make a note that with the New Haven-Springfield line coming there is expected to be a push for Springfield-Boston line that would include a stop in Palmer. If this casino is built and people from all over New England can get to this casino by train it will be a huge game changer. I know that I will probably never again drive the dark road from Hartford to the SE CT Casinos again if this becomes the reality.

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So apparently there is going to be a huge showdown in Mass over where the Casinos are going to be built. It seems that the state should to try to bolster Western Mass more than it has in the past and not cannibalize its expected eastern casinos with one in central mass. If I were Palmer I would also press the fact that Palmer may have a train line running through it in the near future connecting it to CT, NYC, Upstate NY, Vermont and Canada as a huge potential benefit for locating a casino there instead of Milford.

Springfield Republican

BOSTON – The Mohegan Sun’s proposed Palmer casino could face strong competition for a state license from a proposed gambling resort in central Massachusetts, largely because state legislators may allow only one casino outside of Boston.

Mohegan Sun is moving to demonstrate that the proposed $600 million casino in Palmer – instead of one proposed for Milford in central Massachusetts – would generate the most sales from slot machines and other games for the state as a whole, a finding disputed by the developer of the proposed Milford resort.

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