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Undeserved ticket from Secure Parking

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Today I parked at the 11th St surface lot at Brevard, paid my $5 into the box, and went on my way. I returned to find a parking ticket from Secure parking claiming I'd only paid them $2 instead of $5 and that I therefore owed them $25 (or $50 if I wait more than 15 days).

Does anybody else have any experience with something like this? Is it a scam by Secure or an honest mistake? Would appealing to the powers that be at Secure do any good? (I know this is a trivial matter, but it's the principle.)

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when friends visit me they have to use one of the lots with the pay box. never had a problem, except for CIAA weekend last year when my sister parked BEFORE they changed the lot to a pay-the-attendant $15 lot and was ticketed $60 the next morning (well before the normal 24 hours were up, but the event parking was supposed to end at 8 am).

i called and explained the situation, and they were more than happy to waive the ticket. i'm pretty sure they'll give you the benefit of the doubt here.

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