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Osaka / Kobe / Kyoto

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A UP forum on Japan isn't complete if it doesn't include a thread on Kansai. 18 million people, $341 billion GDP, a longer and richer history than Tokyo, and a unique culture all its own. Definitely one of my favorite places in the world.

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Japans tallest Structure going up in Osaka

Abenobashi Terminal Building Tower

300m {sodEmoji.|} 983ft {sodEmoji.|} 59 fl {sodEmoji.|} U/C

1-1-43 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku Osaka OSK Japan

Status: under contruction

Construction Dates End 2014

Floor Count 59

Basement Floors 5

Floor Area 210,000 m²


I thought the way the economy is in Japan, nobody would be building anything!dontknow.gif

Anyway its a great addition to the Osaka Skyline!shades.gifshades.gif


Pedestrian Bridge


Construction Photos




What i find really cool about this picture is not all the workers sitting in a row, but the solar panels in the bottom left hand corner! Green technology baby!shades.gif



Just a side note but why when I look at pictures of Japan (I also lived there for two years) it seems like im looking into the future. Im sorry but the rest of the world is light years behind!shades.gif


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Hers are some more renderings of the tallest skyscraper in Japan going up!:shades:





Also here are more constustion photos!:camera:





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Moriguchi, Osaka completed "Moriguchi Midsite Bunroku Hills."


- Moriguchi Midsite Bunroku Hills -

 "Moriguchi Midsite Bunroku Hills" is theentrance gate and there's京阪百貨店Keihan Moriguchi Station is being built closer to the opposite tube. "The Tower" and "the residence" is composed of two wings.


 Earlier, 15 ground floor (the Building Standards Law: 14 floors above ground and one underground floor), 69 units total units, "the residence" was completed on November 10, 2009,"The Tower" 2010 was completed on January 27.


The Tower Hills Bunroku Midsite Moriguchi

Location - 11th Honmachinichōme Moriguchi, Osaka

Rank - 30 stories above ground (the Building Standards Law: 29 ground floor, basement)

Height -97.05m (or the best known.)

-1,532.57 m² site area

-606.41 sqm building area

-13,579.48 sqm total floor area

Structure - Reinforced Concrete

-96 units Total units (offices and shops will be more) in the ※, non-sale houses 1

-2010 completed Jan 27

-2010 start moving in late March

htJune 11, 2010 (Friday) Moriguchi Osaka


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Thanks for tall the pictures of the Abenobashi Tower. I really like that design. How's construction coming along? Granted it's just been a few months since you posted some pictures of the construction.

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