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I started talking about this on another thread but I figured I should start a new thread for it since its a new topic.

I am ticked the Greensboro CVB moved away from downtown-- the cultural center for the city. This is an example where the city could use some vision. If the CVB would get together with DGI I bet they could put together a plan for a new, much larger and nicer facility downtown which could serve as the centerpiece of tourism in the city. I even think much of the facility could be paid for by leasing out part of it for retail space.

Here is the Visitor Center in Chattanooga, TN inside and out. When I was in Chattanooga I went there and I thought how cool would this be in Greensboro. It was really hot that day and it was great to have a place to escape the heat, sit down for a bit and use the restroom. Lots of people take advantage of this public space and I think it is the type of place which can lead a lasting impression on people. It becomes part of the city's identity (something Greensboro sorely needs defining).



The outside pic shows ground level retail. If I remember correctly I believe the visitor's area was on an upstairs concourse and the bottom of the building was a restaurant and retail.

Greensboro doesn't have the same level and type of tourism which Chattanooga has but when you include the entire Triad there are plenty of destinations.


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