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Eastern Long Island

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So I grew up on Eastern Long Island and even though I hate looking like a tourist in my home town I decided that I might as well take some pictures for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Mind you this started because my wifes co-workers are facinated by the place, so she took some pictures. for my part, all I did was take pictures out the sunroof on the way home Monday night.

I will post most of what I have, but then add more pictures over time. I promise the next set of pictures will not be from a car traveling at 50 miles an hour shot from a sunroof. I will actually take a few pics while walking around the villages and stuff. If you are interested in the Hamptons and eastern Long Island in General, feel free to check this thread ever few weeks. I tend to spend just about every 2-3 weekends there

Shelter Island










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