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"Greenest" city


What area of Tennessee is the most environmentally consious?  

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    • Nashville
    • Memphis
    • Chattanooga
    • Knoxville
    • Jackson
    • Murfreesboro
    • other

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I voted for Chattanooga. This city screams green with its many urban renewal projects. Chattanooga went from one of America's dirtiest cities to one of its cleanest. The electric buses and organic shops in the dowtown area are amazing. Downtown is quite walkable, however, like most of Tennessee's major cities the sidewalks end here save for new construction subdivisions. Chattanooga's air quality is better due to its location and cut back on harmful emissions. The new VW plant will be a green plant with emphasis on as little environmental impact as possible. The only negative I would say is the interstates are far too small for a city this size and the road network is outdated. TDOT has done a good job with I-75 north, however, and with new Obama money improvements are likely to come. I love Greenlife Grocery and prefer it to Whole Foods any day. Chattanooga has done a wonderful job blending new developments in while preserving its history. A close second would be Nashville. Nashville has a lot of work to do to catch up with Chattanooga, but progress is slow and steady. There are more LEED certified buildings in the Nashville area than any other major Tennessee city. Air quality is among the poorest in the nation, but with Mayor Karl Dean's aggressive intiative for regional mass transit and the continuation of Nashville Star, this should change.

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i have to go with chattanooga too. they have always seemed like a city in tune with the outdoors.

I'd go with Chattanooga also, siting all of the new LEED projects there. I believe TN's first LEED bank and movie theater are in Chattanooga. It would be interesting to compare LEED numbers between Chattanooga and Nashville.

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In order to help air quality and lower expenses the Chattanooga has implemented these measures:

The Veterans Bridge will have one side converted to LED lights to show the public and receive comments. Changing half of the brige is expected to save $5500/41,000kwh

The Walnut Street Bridge LED conversion is estimated to save about 435,000 kwh and more than $98,200.

Fine "tuning" traffic lights for timing and sychronization.

Changing lightening in city buildings to compact fluorescent light bulbs and LED lighting — is estimated to cost about $304,730 and save about $530,000 over three years.

City vehicle fleet is changing to VW Jetta TDI's and Focus/Prius Hybrids.

City fuel use of E85 and B20.

Downtown bike share/rental program.

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