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new video game technology makes game controllers obsolete


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Microsoft is really marching ahead with technology where there is no game controller required. Your body is the game controller. In fact the character on the screen mimics your exact body movements. Microsoft has really come on to something. I see where this same technology can be applied to chat room avatars and virtual worlds.

look at the video on the link, this is really some cool stuff. Besides having fun, its a great way for kids or adults to get their exercise. With this cool technology, Microsoft will dominate the video game wars and dethrone Nintendo. I cant help but remember that scene in Back to the future II where the kids that saw Marty playing Wild Gunman said "You mean you have to use your hands? Thats like a baby's toy"


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Well, I'm certainly looking to try it out, if I can afford it. I wonder how it will do up against the Wii and its new Motion Plus.

If this works as well as Microsoft has let on, then I would imagine this renders the Wii, in its current state, obsolete. The biggest reason I have a Wii is for the 'Mario' games (Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart, etc.) and would be unlikely to switch to a different platform if I couldn't get my Mario fix. This is definitely revolutionary in the gaming world though, just as the Wii was when it came out.

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I never could learn how to play Mario Kart with that Wii controller

It is a bit easier with the Wii wheel, but it is basically the same. Just have a wheel to hold onto feels more like real life thus easier for us drivers. :)

I'm curious to know how Microsoft is going to handle these types of games with this new interface. Great for something like Mortal Kombat and a Wii Fit clone, but outside of that it may have some issues.

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