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The 5th International Hydrail Conference (Hydrogen Rail)


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The 5th International Hydrail Conference will be held in Charlotte this month. See here. If you might remember there was a plan from some of these members to make the North CR train hydrogen based. Now they have a newer idea where railed trolleys eliminate the overhead power cables (the expensive part) and instead pick up hydrogen at points on the line. This might be interesting if they are willing to try it. Maybe it would jump start the plans for a streetcar line from Eastland to Beatties Ford.

I hope CATS doesn't go in there and scare them off. I would hope they would try to jump on the plan to develop hydrogen powered commuter rail. Sounds as if it would be a perfect match for the North Commuter Rail, especially since local universities are involved. I guess it would be too much to hope for that the appropriate parties would recognize the synergy and need for these groups to get together.

Given the global scope of this, I think it is great they are holding it in Charlotte.


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