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My idea for a signature tower


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I came up with an idea for a signature tower for Baton Rouge. It takes from the idea of the Symphony Tower of Atlanta. I made the edges wavy though to give it a feel of water and the river and I tried to recess the part where it attached to the building so that it give the illusion that they are flowing over the building. Unfortuantely, my tired brain at the time pressed the "No" button when the program asked me if I wan't to save it so I don't know the specific height, but I think it was about 800'-850' all the way to the top of the fin.







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Nice work Dan :thumbsup: The Symphony Tower was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this...that iconic tower sure would put BR on the map! Something besides the 450'ft State Capitol built in 1932. We need a millenial-type tower to compliment the Shaw Center for the Arts! Even if the tower was btwn 500-600'ft; that would be great!

I like the location you have it built on along the Fourth Street corridor (on one of it's surface parking lots); I have always envisioned a Signature Tower just a few blocks to the north between Chase Towers & One American Place.

Trahan architects had planned a more horizontal-wave element(9-10 stories??) for the old Advocate site along the riverfront. Heard nothing about this project either...

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I immediately noticed the reference to the symphony center as well, but i think its a very interesting design, and i like it a lot probably because the symphony center is my most favorite skyscraper right now!

Last Christmas i began working on a signature tower for BR, but put it on the back burner during the spring semester, now that its summer i should have plenty of time to finish it, ill post it in here.

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