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ABC News special on Greenville's Main Street


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Wow. :shades: Talk about great national attention for Greenville's Main Street: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Weekend/story?id...4018&page=1 The story goes into how Rockford, Illinois is trying to keep their Main Street alive while Greenville's is thriving. It also talks about economic development and the job market in each metro area. Check it out.

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That was a great video highlighting Greenville. I wish they had talked about and showcased Greenville a little longer, but it was definitely some prime air time :shades:

Side note- I wish they had waited to film this until closer to air time, so more people would be on the streets, and more greenery would be abundant. Also, they chose my two least favorite views in the City Center to show: the ugly gray building at McBee and Main, and the old Woolworth Store that's awaiting redevelopment into Washington Square... Those seem like great views for discussing bad news for the City's downtown, but not when this is suppose to be the contrast to a struggling midwestern town. Anyway, I had to nitpick. I'm done.

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The opening quote of this article is striking to me:

Each weekday morning, they assemble and form a line in a room on an upper floor of a drab building on Main Street in Rockford, Ill. They are gathering to file for unemployment benefits.

One community struggles while another strives to hold their own. By midmorning the queue has lengthened to dozens of people and stretched around a corner and down the hallway. No one is smiling.

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