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Kiplinger's Top 25 Best Cities


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This is a reader's choice vote for the top 25 cities in America.

Vote for Nashville via this link!!!:


Earlier today, Nashville was in 5th place.. then dropped to 13th.. and is currently 19th. I have NO idea how Louisville and Lexington got sooooo many votes.. but maybe we have a chance at 3rd?!?!? lol

Here's the main page for choosing cities to vote for:


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Poll has been reset due to ballot stuffing by the crazy Louisvillians and Lexingtonians :)

SO if you voted before.. vote again!

You can vote once per day (or more than that if you use incognito mode :rolleyes: )

By the way.. that first link no longer seems to work.. guess they adjusted something, heh.

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  • 2 years later...

Nashville ranks 4th on the list of "Best Places to Start Over” as compiled by the Daily Beast. The factors evaluated include.

  • Small-business friendliness
  • Ease of finding a job
  • High income level
  • Low cost of living
  • Nonprofit friendliness
  • Student friendly

Ahead of us were Iowa City, Ia (3), Idaho Falls Id (2), and Austin, TX (1).

Yeah, I know it’s just another list, but it says a lot that Nashville continually tops these lists related to the Cities economic health and livability.

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