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Yukon - Larger Than Life


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Spent a few days in Yukon and wow....it is truely "larger than life". The pristine enivronment, the abundant wildlife and the small town urbanity of the towns (more like settlements). Beautiful area!!!! :wub:

A few photos:

Heading into Yukon:


Carcross, Yukon. A community on Bennett Lake and Nares Lake:







Emerald Lake, below. The water color was unbelieveable!! It looked like more like the Caribbean than a mountain lake.



The world's smallest desert.



And of course....wildlife. The bears had just come out of hibernation and they were everywhere. You would see a bear every 5 or 6 miles along the road. Of course, most we past slowly with our foot ready on the gas peddle. This one seemed to be resting, enjoy the wildflowers so we got out and up close.....TOO close, I was later told when I related my story to the locals.


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Great work. The Yukon really is a majestic place, isn't it? It's a great way to get back in touch with nature.

I love the mountain scenes you posted. The lake looks pristine and beautiful as well.

I'd like to go there myself someday.

What took you up to the Yukon, BTW?

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Thanks man. I love the Yukon.....wilderness to the point of dangerous.......as a human, you definitely feel like a visitor peeking into the wildlife world. Gives you a great appreciation for the majestic power of nature and makes you feel humble and small at the same time. Puts you in your place as a human. :thumbsup:

I was up there for a few days of business in Anchorage, AK, then spent several days camping and hiking with friends and then ended it with a 10 day cruise of the inside passage......several reasons rolled into one trip.

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