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Downtown... Donelson?


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This is interesting.. property owners in Donelson and Metro Council members are meeting to discuss the vision of downtown Donelson.

Their goal was to make Donelson a model city by developing a world class transit system through their railways.

"In the next 10 to 20 years I think Donelson could be a show place for transit-oriented development in this part of the country," said Metro Council Member Phil Claiborne.

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Interesting article. With all the development Donelson has I can see the area becoming a "Buckhead" or adjacent downtown area like Atlanta has. Particularly, I am thinking of the office space Donelson has and is adding. Although, being so close to the airport I would think the buildings cannot go too high.

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I could see this area fitting well with a MTC type development. If I had money and development power I would look into this area for a MTC development. I would also check out MetroCenter, Bellevue Mall, Hickory Hollow Mall, and maybe even the Fairgrounds.

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