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Earth 2100


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Anyone see it on ABC a couple weeks ago?

I just finally got around to watching it online. It's available at abc.com in the full episodes for abc news specials.

Very interesting stuff.. I wonder how much truth there is to it? It's all about what will happen to the earth by 2100, if we continue to live the way we live now... without making drastic necessary changes.

Are we really that close to a major tipping point? It sounded as if something had to happen within the next few years.. or else.. we will be too late and will have basically no hope for the future.

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Since I was sleepless tonight, I went to abc.com and watched the Earth 2100 episodes. It does a good job portraying the future on a level most people can relate to. However, they are basically repeating the scientific community's rallying cries at the moment.

I do believe the world needs to 'wake up' and end it's dependence on oil. We also need to re-engineer our cities and how we live to make it more sustainable. I don't know if we can do that by the timetables mentioned in this piece. They were giving a cutoff of 2015 for global action, and I don't think in just 6 years you will be able to get 200 governments to agree to a 30% +/- reduction in greenhouse gasses. While I hope we don't see the civilization ending scenario, it is completely plausible. It may needs to be what happens for humanity to right our ways. A new 'Dark Age' before we can again have another 'Renaissance.'

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Definitely gets you thinking... i could see a scenario like that playing out.. but I think they probably rushed it a little.. just to get people moving quicker, and actually becoming concerned. Maybe like.. Earth 2200 instead? or something like that...

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