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Lions Training Camp


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Sounds like the Detroit Lions are again looking at the football facilities at Grand Valley as a possible site to host their August training camp. Grand Valley was an option in the late 90's before the Lions landed on Saginaw Valley State (and have since moved training camp back to their practice facility in Allen Park, which is not open to the public.)

Even as bad as the Lions are, this training camp would be a huge draw and would definitely bring people from around the state as well as some national media to the Grand Rapids area.


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Even though I've been a Bears fan for years, this would be awesome, i might even check it out from time to time. it would bring more high level sports people to GR, but according to GVSU they know nothing of this, so it could be just talk, hopefully not though

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I remember when they were at Sag-Nasty (aka SVSU), they would get about a thousand people there for a practice. Between practices they still had people roaming around the campus. They had autograph stations, concessions stands, and football related games for fans. It connected the players with fans. It was a pretty good experience. Now I do not know if people just showed up to watch Barry Sanders but they sure as heck did go there to see Scott Mitchell.

This would be great for GVSU and the Lions if they actually move their training camp location.

  • For GVSU, they get more attention from around the state. It seems like the general public in Michigan only know GVSU for their football team. It will give the GVSU a chance to show off the campus. Also, ESPN, NFL Network, and other media outlets will be there to cover camp for a few days. They will make some money and they could improve some facilities.

  • For the Lions, it would be a no-brainer to come to GVSU. They have the "Movement Science Center" aka the indoor practice field. They have a great football facilities, living centers, and The Meadows on the other side of Lubbers Stadium. They would compete in the GR market where it does have some Chicago Bears fans. By coming to GVSU, they have stuff to do in West Michigan. By going back to SVSU, where are players going to go on off days? The two story Deja Vu? Not a good Idea. Just ask Pac-Man Jones. Parkway Tropics is a good 20 minutes away and in a unsuspecting place. They would be closer to one of their huge sponsers, Meijer by being in the area for corportate events and promotional days. These are minor points but Laker Blue isn't that much different from Honolulu Blue and Tigers and Red Wings have a stake in West Michigan they seem to be doing pretty well.

Other campuses in Michigan do not match us in terms of facilities, activities to do in area, opportunity for increasing their fan base (the east side already has a firm base).

UofM-The Big House is under construction-not a good place for spectators

MSU-Why use a big stadium if it is only going to fill a tenth of it?

CMU-see the reasoning for SVSU but replace the deja vu with Soaring Eagle

EMU-Who would really wants to go to Yspsie?

WSU-Terrible facilities and why go there when your headquarters are in Allen Park.

Hillsdale-Facilities are not as good as GVSU

NMU and MTU-Packer County and too far from Detroit.

Northwood-see Hillsdale

SVSU-strip club two blocks away and lack some of a turf bay

All D-3 Schools-Do not have proper facilities

WMU might be the only one who could compete, but I am not sure if they have indoor facilities.

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Oh well, sounded like a non-starter from the beginning anyway. I'm all for the move to the West Side, you know, being a Westsider and all... But if I was the Lions, I would stay in the Detroit area and try to help rebuild the hometown fanbase as much as possible... I mean, how many years now has Detroit been blacked out of Lions games? It always seems like a major accomplishment when they manage to get a game aired on local TV.

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