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Did anyone notice the American Idol story on the front page of the Courant on Monday? Or the Sarah Palin vs. David Letterman story on A2 on Sunday?

Seriously... what is going on? This is worse than the time the Danbury News-Times put a story about Britney Spears getting a divorce on the A3 National and World news page.

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you can not blame CT media as much as you can blame the state of "news" in general in this country.

Newspapers are struggling and since it is a business, they try and appeal to more people, so they add more entertainment value.

hell murders and voilence dominate the news as is because it sells more to have voilence and scandal than actual in depth reporting.

also piped in pop culture mush is cheaper to produce than an actual researched article.

a can not stand the media in general. Even once respected news networks have gone to complete crap.

if you think about it a site like this is a much better source of information than any official media network. in 2009 we get our info from user created databases like web forums, wikipedia, whatever, and what used to be news venues now peddle conjecture and gossip.

you can mail your complaints to rupert murdock

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No, I know that the Courant and 61 are not the only ones guilty of this. It's getting worse all around I agree.

I don't even mind the fact if they cover American Idol or Sarah Palin or whatever. I just say there's a proper place for it. The legitimate news section is not it. So I pay attention to that.

Luckily for me, I spend more time reading the sports than the other two parts.

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