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Big Name Marketers for Big Name Developers?

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Hey guys, I'm working on a project right now trying to get cost estimates for marketing for a hypothetical high-rise condo project. Just to give you a brief description, my project revolves around getting cost estimates for portions of an upscale high-rise condo development. This hypothetical building would include many high-end features and would use high-grade materials in its construction. There will also be a small retail and commercial component. Some of the amenities we were thinking about might be a theater and maybe car elevators.

To find out marketing costs, I need to contact some big name marketers that have done the general marketing and advertising for large scale developments. This would also include company branding, events management, and website design. I would really appreciate all help in these sectors. I need the cost estimates for what the company would typically charge for a 12 month period (or if it applies, project lifetime):

1. General marketing and advertising (including marketing research, plan, strategy, and public relations, such as press releases) - keep in mind that we

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