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I am selfishly starting this thread as a way to help me find out about some of the local events that go on in Columbus. If anyone knows/hears anything about any events, concerts, shows, festivals, etc going on in town post them to this thread so we can spread the word and support some of these local events.

I know the Aflac Outdoor Games are going on down at South Commons this weekend. I wanted to go check it out, but I will be out of town. Hopefully they will be able to keep this event going so that I can catch it next year.


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yep the aflac outdoor games will be in columbus again this year. They also had the aflac outdoor games here in columbus last year too and they had the aflac outdoor games here in columbus on the espn2 channel its a sports channel when they had it last year here too. And I believe when they have the aflac outdoors games here again this month they will have camerca men and camercas there at the event tapping it because there going to show it on the espn2 sports channel again this year.

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