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Plein Air - Taylor, MS


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A few years back there was a decent bit of chatter about our development, Plein Air - a new urbanist neighborhood being built in Taylor - 6 miles south of Oxford. While the economy has certainly slowed us like everybody else, we're still kicking strong. 12 houses built - all consistent with original vision of southern vernacular - front porches, wood floors, tall ceilings, etc...we opened our first commercial building - Emileigh's Table restaurant and Tin Pan Alley Art and Antiques. So. Living Idea House drew 12,000 paying customers. We've got a professional bike race (The Plein Air Classic) taking place July 4th. Anybody been to see us lately?

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The Plein Air Classic took place July 4th weekend. We had over 150 riders from places such as Memphis, N.O., Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Jackson, and St. Louis. It was a true neighborhood-oriented family focused July 4th. Plein Air continues to build out, albeit slowly with the economy. www.pleinairtaylor.com

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