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French president wants to outlaw Burqa in public

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French President Sarkozy has addressed the Parliament, the first presidential address to that body in 136 years. His message was his intention to ban the wearing of the Burqa in public by muslim women.

The Burqa is the traditional bee-keeper female fashion statement seen on Muslim streets. It covers the female figure, head to toe, like some sort of wearable tent. One assumes muslim women wear them to reduce the possibility of turning on a muslim man, and causing him "impure thoughts".

President Sarkozy claims that the outfit turns women "into prisoners behind a screen, cut off from normal societal life, deprived of an identity."

I say a loud BRAVO to Pres. Sarkozy. We in the West can't control the savage abuses women face every day in muslim countries. But we sure as hell don't have to tolerate women being treated like that in our free Western countries. IMHO I think it's a disgrace how women are treated in muslim cultures.


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