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controversy over Burger King Ad


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I am not sure why there is a controversy. It's obvious what the comparison is to, but it really is nothing more but a result of inept corporate planning and management, more focused on marketing rather than putting out good food. Everyone knows this. People will giggle some, somebody will eventually get a clue and the advert will be pulled.

It's not as stupid as the dumb decision of Pizza Hut to change it's name to "The Hut". Somebody in marketing felt this was easier for their target demographic to identify with. i.e. it's easier for the tweeter texting bunch to key in Hut over pizza hut. Give me a break. But then again, their pizza doesn't resemble anything close to good pizza.

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Burger King knows what they're doing. There is a little psychology involved here and the sexual connotations is clearly intentional. This kind of publicity is great advertisement for their new sandwich, Sex sells. But then again combining sex and food can be disgusting but kinky for others. Sometimes negative publicity can have the opposite affect. But you are right most will probably just giggle at the ad.

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They know an ad like this will get a longer life than the life they have to purchase. Like this site, I'm sure it is ciculationg all over the place. This is the type of advertising that isn't available for sale -- those that know how to properly use controversy have done stuff like this for year! Madonna might be the most recent pop queen of it, but this happens with ads like this, movies (think how much publicity the mediocre movie The DaVinci Code got when all the religious folks started ranting about it), and about anything that word spreads like fire when someone is upset about it.

This one, actually, isn't very clever or subtle -- much more 'in your face' (pun intended!)

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It seems that the same ad company that made the controversial Burger King ad has made a controversial Hardees commercial. In the ad customers are asked whether they like "a holes" or "b holes" Its stirring controversy in NC



I actually think these ads are funny and creative LOL

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