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The Honolulu Facts Page - Useless Facts 101

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Welcome to The Honolulu Facts Page - Useless Facts 101




*Some info might be outdated but here goes anyway....

Honolulu City & County Total Land Area (Oahu): 600 sq. miles (1560 sq. km)

Honolulu City Total Area: 105.1 sq. miles (272.1 sq. km), 85.7 sq. miles (land) & 19.4 sq. miles (water)

Honolulu City Land Area: 85.7 sq. miles (222.0 sq. km)

Form of government: Mayor-Council

Proclaimed the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii: 1850 (King Kamehameha III)

Date of incorporation as City & County of Honolulu: April 30, 1907

City or Census Designated Place (CDP) Population (2003 estimate): 380,149

Metropolitan Statistical Area Population (2003 estimate): 902,704

City Population Density: 4,400 per sq. mile

Metro Population Density: 1,500 per sq. mile

Honolulu Urbanized Area: 720,000 (2002 estimate)

Number of City Employees: approximately 8,800

Official Languages: English & Hawaiian

Creole Language: Hawaii Creole or Pidgin English

Original Fusion Cuisines: Pacific Regional Cuisine (Fine Dining) & Local Plate Lunches (Casual)

Streets & Roads: 1,933 miles

Number of City Buses: 525

Inter Island Ferries: 2 (starts in 2006)

Park Acreage: 7,791

Golf Courses: 49

Hiking Trails: 525 miles

Mountain Bike Trails: 13

Major Kayaking & Paddling Clubs: 5

Public Swimming Pools: 18

Lifeguard Supervised Beach Parks: 17

Public Tennis Courts: 47

2003-2004 Budget: $1.467 billion

Meaning of Honolulu: Protected Bay

Nickname: The Gathering Place

Official flower: 'Ilima

Official street tree: Rainbow Shower

Location: 21

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A couple of stuff to add:

Honolulu & the state of Hawaii has the largest Okinawan population outside of Okinawa

Honolulu & the state of Hawaii has the largest Ilocano population outside of the Philippines

Honolulu & the state of Hawaii has the largest Marshallese population outside of the Marshall Islands

Honolulu/Hawaii of course has the largest Hawaiian population hehe

Honolulu also has the largest Kosraean, Chuukese, Marquesan, Tokelauan, Niuean, Mokilese, Pohnpeian, Pingelapese, & I-Kiribati speaking populations of any US City.

Stay tuned for more! :P

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