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Amazingly Sarah Palin is resigning as Gov. of Alaska


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Alaska is lucky they will get a real governor again. Sure most of the Alaskan Republican establishment and legislature are glad they have someone more competent and reasonable to deal with coming into the governor's seat.

On a side note: Mitt Romney's path to get his turn at the Republican 2012 nomination keeps getting clearer by the day if he wants it...which by 2012 he may not the way things are going.

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I keep hearing Sarah, included in this speech, whine about how the media treats her. I don't get it -- for one they aren't nearly as easy on many other politicians as they are on her. She also posted some Facebook ramblings about how the mainstream media has been 'predictable' about how they are handling this story and are again being unfair. Every story I've seen online, in print, and on TV has basically just reprinted her words, made a couple comments about how many people including GOP'ers have been stumped by this, and that's all. I've not seen any attack at all. Does she have some type of paranoia or is she going to try and cry victim for her whole carreer? If you want to be in politics, I can't imagine why someone would, get ready to have your life under a microscope, your family AND YOU constantly in the news, and grow some thick skin.

Everyone I know thinks it is one of a few scenarios: something is out there she is afraid will come out, she can't take the heat any longer, or she wants to be free of being a public figure on the public dollar for a while so she can go on the speaking circuit and get wealthy.

Actually one more -- she is delusional and actually thinks this is a good path towards higher office.

Her speech, by the way sounded baffling. She isn't a good speaker to any ear other than her core audience.

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Doesn't look like Palin is all the popular with Republicans either....overall, 67% of Americans and 43% of Republicans at that, do not want to see Palin run for president :rofl:

When you can't even garner the support of your own party, then its time to get out of politics.

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I start to question if she's doing this for running in 2012.

And it's more to try and cash in, do whatever to get a big payday. Her fellow wingnuts would be sure to pay well for the Palin brand name.

There was an article in the Boston Phoenix I read the other day (from like a couple issues ago) that pretty much hypothesizes this.

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