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steve mcnair shot dead


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steve mcnair was shot dead today at some condo's on the corner of 2nd and lea today in nashville. they don't have many details out right now, but he and a female victim were found shot dead. this is sad news to a lot of football fans today. r.i.p. steve "air" mcnair.

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I feel for Mr. McNair and his family. Murder is never justified unless its self defense. She killed him in a rage. That said, I pray and hope other pro and college sportsman/woman learn from this. I hope they learn that what happened to the great Steve McNair can happen to them and make better decisions. Look at Big Ben for the Steelers, he overnight lost respect in Pittsburgh a town were they loved him over questionable actions. He didnt lose his life as McNair did but, could have been jailed if more evidence was there. McNair should be a lesson of watch the company you keep. He had no idea this young lady was a lunatic and it cost him his life. Im not saying not to date who you want but, be careful being alone with woman you dont know!! L.G.N.Mrolleyes.gif

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