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I moved downtown from MetroWest about 4 months ago and wanted to share 2 very positive experiences. I'll leave out being able to walk t more places because think that goes without saying.

1) We have a pretty good public library system. I love that I can walk to the downtown branch, check out a book, than cross the street and read that book in the park. I also discovered that our county library will deliver books to your door. You have to supply postage to send them back, or be lucky enough to live close enough to walk & drop them off. I can't tell you how much I've saved on books in the past four months.

2) A few months ago a poster on here mentioned the #11 bus which runs from downtown to the airport. I planned a trip that will take place next week and did a dry run this morning to see if the bus could get me there on time for my flight. Not only does the bus pick me up about 3 blocks from my building, but it was actually a faster trip than driving myself. Instead of parking in long term parking (which can be very expensive depending on the duration of your trip) and waiting for the shuttle to the terminal, Lynx just drops you off at the terminal. I estimate it was about 15-20 minutes quicker not having to wait for that shuttle bus. I would fully recommend to anyone living downtown, or north of downtown, to take the Lynx bus and save time and money.

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Being the 'good citizen', oft times read 'sucker', I read the bus policies when I discovered the #51 bus went to the airport. It is my understanding that luggage is not allowed, is that truly correct?
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