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11 hours ago, KJHburg said:

Bert Hesse and his studio plan was basically to have it  built all with city money with limited private investment that was the problem.  Georgia at the time had already increased their incentives and  his plan was not good for the taxpayers.      This Eastland plan seems much more reasonable.  I still think it has a lot of office space 500,000 sq ft and I would hope there could be some flexibility in any plan approved for more housing.  

Like I said, it was a total mess, but the basis for the idea was a good one and many, many people were ready for it. Had it been done properly, it would have been great for the city and the state as a whole. 

I'm glad the Eastland property is finally  being developed, but just because one thing happens in Charlotte doesn't mean something else can't happen. Someone would have found a different location for a soccer camp had the studio panned out and should this plan go well and the movie stars align in the future, someone will find a different location for a studio. It's not an either-or situation. 

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By Andrew Dunn - International Co-working firm SPACES opening location in South End by Common Market, Charlotte Agenda, 08/29/2018.   "In May 2019, international co-working company SPACES plans to open a location sandwiched between the new Common Market and the Pollack Shores apartment community well underway.  SPACES will be in the remaining Tremont Center building.  It’s also just down the street from the Bang Bang Burgers and in walking distance of Sycamore Brewing."  Link:

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