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8 hours ago, rancenc said:

The State of NC is taking it's first steps towards aggresively marketing the state for corporate relocations!


thanks for posting this and this is a great marketing program featuring a side of our state many outside of NC have not seen.  You should watch these videos.

This is changing, starting a couple months ago with EDPNC’s primarily digital, $2.5 million national campaign that runs through December aimed at corporate CEOs and other top site selection decision-makers. It is titled “All In North Carolina,” and you can see some of the campaign videos here. (Actually, it would be worthwhile for North Carolinians to watch the life sciences video, the Lenovo video, the Red Hat video and the Honda Aircraft video. They are intended for C-suite viewers in places like Michigan and California, but watching them will make you feel good. We have a lot going on.)

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8 minutes ago, KJHburg said:

this weekend of college football was so good for Charlotte I will put this article here.  I hope we can grow into a regional neutral site location and this Labor Day classic grows.

What We Learned from Charlotte’s Big College Football Weekend - Charlotte Magazine

The Health Department was pretty upset with the lack of Covid concerns.

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On 9/8/2021 at 1:52 PM, KJHburg said:

since Farming and Ranching is not a thread on UP I will put this here and I do this is indeed good news.  Saw an ad for their lamb meat in the Biz Journal and looked them up.  This is great using sheep to graze around the solar panels and this company is based in Cornelius.  I love this idea.  Apple Inc. mowed down a forest for their solar farm up in Catawba County and this brings the farm to the solar farms.    Perhaps we could contact this company for a company empty blocks uptown and raise animals right uptown since the land has been fallow for years and years. 

Sun Raised Farms


O, that Sheep may safely graze in First Ward Park

First Ward Park Set to Open Dec. 8



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1 hour ago, CarolinaDaydreamin said:


Great exposure for the city obviously, but even more importantly a huge moneymaker to expand the game going forward. Would love to have Bama, FSU, Ohio State, Penn State play the Clemson and Georgia's here. The best site for an ACC/Big Ten, or an SEC /Big Ten season opener.


I think the results were a over-whelming success for everyone involved, and it will continue to happen. I wouldn't be surprised if the Thursday game is a bigger ticket as well. 

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Window and door manufacturer in Monroe is considering adding 185 jobs and a 500,000 sq ft addition to their plant there.

Windsor Windows & Doors plots major manufacturing expansion in Monroe - Charlotte Business Journal (bizjournals.com)

"" A manufacturer with operations in Monroe appears to be closing in on formal plans for a significant expansion there. Monroe City Council this evening will consider incentives and a land sale for the expansion proposed by Windsor Windows & Doors. According to city documents, the company is planning an expansion that could include the construction of a 500,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. The operation would create up to 185 jobs at an average annual wage of $47,198, documents state. Total investment for the project is expected to land between $50 million and $100 million.""


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The good and little bit of the bad with the economy as discussed by John Connaughton UNC Charlotte economist

From his webinar today:

By the end of 2021 NC will have completely recovered all the jobs lost and then some compared to 4Q 2019 we will be 4.3% ahead by measure of GDP/    with 36,000 more jobs in 4Q 2021 than same time in 2019.

Labor force participation Jan 2020 was 63.4% now 61.7%        2,918,000 people just left the labor force not looking anymore not working anywhere

NC labor force is 100,000 LESS   Some states have labor participation of just over 50% to 70% he said he has never seen such a wide range in the USA  attributes to some retiring early, staying at home, afraid of Covid etc.  

211,000 new jobs created in NC this year 

I was taking notes as fast as I could. 

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the warehouse and industrial space booms continues to roll on in Charlotte.  

download the report here Charlotte Industrial Real Estate Market Reports | Avison Young US

PowerPoint Presentation (avisonyoung.us)    Here is the report from Avison Young and look at page 10 which has a map of the region and where the blue collar workers live.  Quite a few pockets within Mecklenburg county but bigger areas of such workers in Gaston, York, Rowan, Iredell, Lincoln and Cabarrus counties.  (of course that is where most of the new industrial plants are located but there is a good bit of manufacturing in Mecklenburg county as well)   I have never seen this shown on a map like this it is interesting. 


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18 hours ago, rancenc said:

North Carolina's manufacturing base is still a vital component of the state's overall economic output!


It is important, but manufacturing jobs are only 8% of the state’s workforce. IMO we [state ED officials] devote too much attention to this declining industry it at the expense of building a modern economy.

Kannapolis lost nearly 5,000 textile jobs in one day in 2002, is the city worse off today because of that loss?

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On 9/29/2021 at 6:37 PM, KJHburg said:

Building a modern economy includes manufacturing.  With the massive supply chain disruptions from Asia this year we need more manufacturing in this country.  These are good paying jobs and many are very technical  and mainly land in smaller communties.    This was an announcement about a fiber optics plant how much more modern can that be?  Pharmaceuticals are booming in NC and we need more onshore in USA production and NC is benefiting.    We in NC are the #1 state in the southeast for manufacturing based on workforce size.   Yes lower wage manufacturing jobs have disappeared but we need good paying manufacturing jobs.  I have been in many different manufacturing plants around the country the use of computers and robotics is astounding.  

Advanced Manufacturing - Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (edpnc.com)

#1 in bio manufacturing employment in US  NC is #3 in total pharma jobs. 

Biotechnology Industry in North Carolina | EDPNC

NC is #3 in food and beverage processing in the country

Food Processing & Manufacturing Industry in North Carolina (edpnc.com)

Manufacturing creates more spin off jobs than any kind of office based employment does that is simple economics. 


Last year, 68% of the #EconDev projects announced in NC were #manufacturing with 8,800 jobs and $4.1 billion investment. At $650 million, the largest investment was made by  @prattandwhitney   for a new world-class turbine airfoil production facility in  @CityofAsheville     From NC Dept of Commerce twitter feed


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