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1 hour ago, RANYC said:


if i must commute to the office, then I'd love to see my Dream for a Future Workplace - Collab and creative spaces, flex rooms for working groups, sofas and couches, coffee shop imitation spaces, research library imitations, reading booths, team-bonding labs, kitchens, obstacle courses, fitness rooms designed to allow for collaborations, mental fitness consultation spaces, axe-throwing and demolition stress-relief rooms, massage chairs...etc

the above sounds like my Wework offices with great coffee and free beer on tap. 

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1 hour ago, JeanClt said:

While it may or may not be the only factor: Lowes made more revenue.

yes it is based on revenue i.e. sales that is why Walmart is the biggest company or in the top 2-3 in the country. 

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Big weekend for tourism this weekend with the Coca Cola 600 and no matter if you follow NASCAR or not it is big.  This race puts heads in the beds as they say.   They are expecting their biggest crowd in years this weekend.  I was a volunteer with the USO at an event today with Joey Logano.  No matter what you think of him on the track he was the nicest guy all smiles for the 150 people who wanted to meet him and get an autograph.  Met a family of 4 from Wisconsin down here for a few days and a family of 4 from Ohio down for the race.  With all the race shops in this area mostly  there is a lot for the fan to do here not to mention the Hall of Fame.   I must say I changed my mind on his on track reputation after seeing him cheerfully greet 150 plus fans and was so patient and kind to them. 







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I don’t know much about nascar but have been to 5+ races. What a great time! I mean what other sport is BYOB!! Lol anyways, I don’t know the reasoning but was disappointed that the all star race wasn’t here this year. All star and 600 are synonymous big time races for Charlotte. I guess I get the rotation of it but it had been in Charlotte for the longest. I like the all star race bc of all the big names and events and it’s a lot shorter than the 600. 

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