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Proposed large-scale projects in Cochin

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Few of the developments in the Cochin are CSEZ and Smart City projects in Kakkanad, International Container Transshipment Terminal at Vallarpadam, to name a few. The proposed Fashion City with its garment technology and fashion technology engineering college is another project expected in Cochin.

The CSEZ is the Cochin Special Economic Zone managed directly by the Government of India. The Special Economic Zone has been set up for the express purpose of trade and customs duties, with special rules for facilitating foreign direct investment for export-oriented production. With the Special Economic Zone, the commercial capital of Kerala is now even more attractive to the ICT investor.

The proposal of Dubai's Internet City to set up the Smart City in Cochin has received full governmental approval. It is to be based in Kakkanadu, near the Kochi Infopark. The Smart City is expected to create more than 100,000 new jobs in the first stage and around 5 Lakhs jobs directly and indirectly in the last stage, would provide critical infrastructure for IT services and IT-enabled service companies.

A proposal for setting up a Fashion City in Cochin is under consideration. If approved the project will have a turnover of crores and will be able to offer employment to thousands of people. The garment technology and fashion technology engineering college associated with it will give the youth of the state a chance to compete globally.

With all these ongoing and proposed large-scale projects in Cochin, residential space is expected to be at a high premium. Many small, medium, and highly reputed realty developers and builders are in the process of changing the landscape of Cochin. Even now, the high-rise Cochin apartments and flats vying for attention is a constant reminder of the rapid growth of the city.

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