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Rubber Sidewalks


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An article in the O mentions that the city is testing rubber sidewalks at two locations right now - 1200 The Plaza and 600 W 28th St, both in front of fire stations. They use recycled tires, are supposed to be easier to install and maintain, and are porous enough to allow water to pass through. Treehugger covered the topic four years ago and NPR three years ago.

The concept is intriguing, and rather poetic when you think about it - the untold millions of old car tires going toward cheaper and friendlier sidewalks. I'm interested to see how this turns out.

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I was at a new Firestone Auto Maintenance Facility here in Nashville (Smyrna) last night getting new tires. The place just opened a few months ago. They had these sidewalks around the place and a sign inside about there efforts to go "Green". Besides the sidewalks they had recycled concrete that was supposed to be very reflective so it didn't absorb heat, along with rubber mulch, native drought tolerant plants with no sprinkler system and a reflective roof. The sidewalks were reddish brown and not unattractive. It felt good walking on it. Not bouncy at all. Kind of shock aborbing. As I sat there waiting several people asked about the sidewalks. If nothing else it created some interest among customers who seemed to really like the idea.

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