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gripes about realtors


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i wrote about this in my blog to gain exposure to a situation...

When did it become so easy for a realtor to provide information on a unit in a building, show it once to a potential renter, and then that potential renter is forever a client of theirs within that building?

Here is my piece of advice, don't EVER view a rental through a realtor by signing something. Find an ad on Craigslist, find out who the property managers are at the building then contact them directly. Cut out the middle man, but not only do you cut out the commission/finders fee that the developer/property managment would pay out to the realtor, but you have a stronger position to negotiate terms. And in no way am I being compensated by CORT, but using them as a referral (simply put CORT in the referral field) on your rent app. or a company very similar...and you the renter will be able to benefit in the form of gift cards! Unless a realtor offers you some sort of benefit for them representing you, it is pretty much worthless, they don't do any of the work, you found the ad that they posted on a public forum. If they never did this, you could easily call the building of your choice that you wished to reside in and find out the same information! I hate the fact that a unit I viewed 45 days ago I did not like so I didnt rent it. 45 days goes by another unit becomes available, and this realtor is trying to collect on something that had nothing to do with him and he is trying to benefit off of me for doing no work!!! Not to mention I am losing out on some sort of compensation for using a different referral. Ofcourse I have left out details as to not really identify parties involved, realtor names, building names.

Have any thoughts? Leave a comment! And I am in no way hating on all realtors, I am dating one, but this has become more of a principle than about the money involved.

**again i am in no way affiliated with the CORT company, i just wanted to use them as an example of a company that will compensate in the way of a giftcard to a renter for using them as a referral, where as to the not so informed potential renter they may not know this is available...a lot of other companies out there have the same sort of bonus for using them as a referral i am just familiar with CORT**

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